Nashville Recap

I have to admit, I had high expectations for Nashville. For years, people have been telling me how much I would love it there, so when we started planning our route, I knew we had to plan to stop there. In fact, it’s one of the few cities we planned to spend more than one night in.

So after two lovely days in Music City, I have to say that my friends were right. Nashville did not disappoint —live music, cute coffee shops, and the NICEST people as far as the eye can see. And the city is SO easy to navigate, with virtually no traffic! Such a welcomed contrast to Northern Virginia (no offense nova friends)! The only downside was the lack of celeb sighting…where were you hiding T Swift?

Nash Vegas Highlights:

Dinner at Urban Grub: Best mac and cheese we’ve ever had. Hands down. Rich, slightly spicy and oh so cheesy.  Raw oysters, chipotle shrimp & grits, and steak frites were also enjoyed by all. Do yourself a favor and go here if you’re ever in Nashville.

Visiting Immanuel Church: Blake was familiar with the Pastor at this Acts 29 church plant so we decided to visit. The service was awesome with great music (no surprise) and such a poignant sermon on Romans 8:28-30.  Just what we needed to hear!

Fidos: In addition to having way more character than your average ‘bucks, Fido’s serves a mean cup of joe. My “Milkbone Latte” had honey and vanilla in it…such a good combo!

Bluegrass Jam at the Station Inn: This Sunday night jam session had the most casual feel to it, with musicians joining in throughout the night. There were probably about 20 musicians playing when we were there- ranging from young boys to old ladies- in somewhat of a circle in the corner of the bar. And they sounded so amazing, like they had been practicing together for years. I’d never been to anything like it but I loved it!

Broadway: so much live music! I was in ‘honky-tonk heaven’.

Nash Vegas Lowlights:

The food coma that ensued from eating at Urban Grub our first night. So much for after dinner plans! Oh well…it was worth it.

The Cowboys losing…not Nashville’s fault I guess but did put a damper on things.  At least we got to watch the game while listening to some awesome live music!

We loved our stay in Music City but we must move on. Next stop: Memphis. As I write this, my tummy is growling, gearing up for the Memphis BBQ that we’re about to enjoy! My culinary goal for Memphis is to sample some of it’s acclaimed ‘BBQ Nachos”…ummm YES PLEASE!



California Dreamin’

Tomorrow we leave Virginia for the first official stop on our road-trip to California.

For months, we’ve been planning for and dreaming about this trip. We’ve sold, trashed or given away much of what we owned (It’s amazing how much you accumulate in 1.5 years). We’ve packed and repacked our cars (4 times and counting), planned our route and booked hotels from here to California…but still I wonder how ready we really are. Perhaps the fact that I keep referring to this as a ‘trip’ and not a move gives you a glimpse of how much it’s actually hit me. Maybe sometime during the next two weeks as we journey westward, it will sink in that this isn’t just an extended Christmas vacation, and that we’re not going to turn around and come back to our apartment in northern Virginia at the end of it. Breakdown on the way? Mayyyyybe. But for now, I’m just excited! Who wouldn’t be!? Team Wingfield is going on a cross-country road-trip!

So as our California dreams begin to become California realities, we thought it would be fun to start a blog that documents our road-trip (road-move?), our experiences becoming west coasters, and all that we are learning in this new chapter of life. It will be a  way for us to stay connected with so many dear friends and family members that we’re leaving behind on the east coast. So follow our blog for updates but don’t forget to call us lots and visit us too!